• Client: National Capital Commission

Tasked with the order of revitalizing a “heritage” designated building in the Canadian Government Experimental Farm complex. We were requested to undertake a rehabilitation project using the methods, tools, and materials originally used in the initial build of this 100 year old plus wood structure building. Traditional wire lathe stucco is uncommon in today’s market place, replaced with the more advanced dual-barrier, drained exterior insulation and finish systems. The skilled workers in this field are hard to come by, adding to the challenge of completing the project on time, budget and specification.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the project was not the application as we were able to develop the methodology to mimic the process and application of the original builders over a century ago. The finish layer was a pebble stone, which is embedded into one of the layers of the concrete to give a stone finish by utilizing what is commonly referred to as “dashing”. Upon completing the embedment or dashing of the stone a final touch of a lime wash was in order to transition the old to the new.

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