Wall Systems

Wall Systems is where we started, if you need to clad your project you have come to the right place. We offer numerous of different cladding systems whether is it stone, stucco, exterior insulation and finish systems, composite or other we are the people to talk to.

The majority of our installations are plastered systems. Some of the historical restorations we have executed require knowledge in the traditional face sealed wire lath systems which is uncommon these days but still a required skill for designated historical buildings and add-ons. Today, most plastered systems sit on expanded polystyrene systems such as Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), Cement-board systems, and of course the Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS).


We are certified mechanics for all EIFS available in the Canadian market and most in the United States and Europe. These systems are sold world-wide and although different climates call for different assemblies and different designs our vast resources and knowledge in these insulated wall claddings surpass all others in the industry. We may not be able to reach every corner of the globe for assembly however we can consult you anywhere there is access by land, air or sea.

We work with some of the best firm in Canada who specialize in the quality assurance of insulated wall systems and building envelope, sure we can list them all but we would rather encourage you to investigate for yourself and ask about Tangent Building Systems and our associated insulated wall cladding assemblies and we are confident you will hear “they are the best in the industry” every time! With EIFS we offer the most advance system assemblies, if you requirements are a dual-barrier drained systems, or a fire rated wall assembly for non-combustible construction, a standard EIFS, or a pressure equalization system for your high rise building we offer all these systems for field applied applications. If you require them in a pre-manufactured wall panel hung or structural that can also be done but we highly recommend that the building be designed for it and that you invite us in to discuss the best method of design and system selection.


What is your desire? We offer all types of interior and exterior coating. Liquid applied coatings to act as weather barrier protection such as air barriers, moisture barriers and vapour barriers depending on your requirements and cladding selections all are available. Our liquid applied modified concrete systems set the stage for all types of finishing; this can include but is not limited to face-sealed, moisture management systems and EIFS.

Most liquid applied finishes for exterior use come in a selection of aggregates ranging form .5mm – 2mm and greater if required. The colours available are the colours which make up the rainbow spectrum of colours in other words all and any colour is available in textured finishes. Some systems can have non-aggregated finishes; these finishes can mimic stone, siding, wood etc.

Interior use of liquid applied coatings is almost limitless, you conceptualize we realize! Aggregate coatings, limestone faux, plaster finishes, stone finishing, etching, modified concrete stenciled along with many other finishes and textures.