We offer a wide range of consulting services ranging from concept to creation. We excel in engineering, design, turnkey operations, structures and enterprise solutions in the construction field. Our limits are few, we have access to some of the brightest minds in the industry, you provide the mandate we’ll provide the finish line.

Far too often we find ourselves consulting after the fact; in most cases the cost for the client can exceed their budget by ten folds when dealing with construction scenarios which were not anticipated. We always recommend seeking the right opinion if not from us at least from a number of qualified sources to help minimize unforeseen problems. A small investment in having the right people consult you can minimize loss of time and money.

Management and operational execution are key assets to any successful project. Here is where the companies who stand above the rest pay close attention. Our team based structure has an inherent management and operations component in its DNA, we wouldn’t be able to function as a team or manage multiple teams if we did not excel in this domain.

Teaming up with Tangent Building Systems will make your project a success both fiscally and in duration.