The burden of leadership can be trying at times, but we would have it any other way. This philosophy has led us to working on projects that most don’t want or most don’t dare to attempt. Leaders in the most advance wall systems, we know we are a small group of companies who have the technical know-how and resources to work with pressure-equalized systems, high rise non-combustible dual-barrier drained EIFS, and the projects which have been condemned and need to be rehabilitated to a useable state.

When business, engineers, or even government want insight to a problem we are typically the people they call. A vast background of remediating disastrous projects has help us established a unique status in the remedial process of government projects by gaining a prequalified bidding status. You will find us remediating government owned housing complexes and buildings ensuring that all occupants live in safe environment free of mold, mildew, spores, and moisture the nemesis’s typically associated with failed wall systems.

Leading edge technologies are usually given birth through the backing of government institutions as they have the financial resources to fund such projects. One of these institutions which we have had the honor and privilege of working with was the Corp of Engineers of the Canadian Forces, Canadian Forces Base Petawawa. The military base underwent a transformation, we found ourselves requested to bench-march one of their structures with an advanced non-water-penetrating wall system for their evaluation and use. The entire process was documented and achieved for future use by the Canadian Military in similar applications. It is applications such as building F-104, CFB Petawawa, which enlighten us and lessens the burden and responsibility of being the leaders, it brings us a sense of meaning.