Tangent Building Systems takes everything it does to heart, and everyone it deals with seriously. Our responsibility to our employees and clients come first. You will not find us compromising on the health and safety of our workers, or the work being executed for any of our clients. As leaders in our industry we have a great responsibility of providing the best possible service whether it comes to consulting, wall systems and post construction facilitation and maintenance.

We are always interested in working on new projects, and with new people or business. This interest of ours is based on qualified projects and people; we simply won’t entertain a project for the purpose of work. We look at the projects which people in charge are serious and want a serious outfit to fulfill the work, which is where we come in. We have been known to turn down work because there was not a ‘fit’ in the partners proposing the work, or were not prepared to have the work done correctly. We can appreciate that not all entities can afford to execute the work that is required to have insulated wall systems part of their project, what we recommend is to view the needs of the project and find an alternative which will work and not to install a bastardized version of an insulated wall system. It is not fair to the constructor or the owner of the final project as our experience has shown us. Most systems will fail if not done with the design, interfaces, and proper system selection correctly and of course if the required methodology of assembly is not explicitly followed as is the case with most failures.

Lastly, if we are working with you on a project you can be assured that you will get the best possible outcome for your project. We have worked with some of the largest companies, and government in Canada, and even the average home owner. At Tangent Building Systems, all clients whether big or small are evaluated using the same criteria and any work done meet our highest standards right across the board.