Ultimately Mother Nature will have her say, nothing lasts forever but you can make it last and perform a long time with the proper maintenance and servicing helping to extend the life of your project. We service everything we do and although our projects tend to require less servicing than others we are very prudent and schedule inspections at certain time periods post-construction.

The segment of maintenance and servicing is a large part of Tangent Building Systems business. We do service and maintain our own work and warrant everything new we do. We will also service others work but we will not complete someone else’s work unless we can undertake a full investigation to ensure all previous work meet our standards.

Our years of servicing our clients have brought them confidence in the construction industry, even for the jobs which we had no part in assembling or installing. We will maintain others work if they have not past their life/performance expectancy and work with the client to ensure timely servicing occurs to the vulnerable areas of construction such as interfaces, erosion, and environmental exposure.

If you’re not sure what is happening with your project you’re not alone. It is not always easy to diagnose a problem by simple optics so allow us to send our professionals to investigate and propose a remedy. Maintenance and servicing is an important part of any responsible business, we provide this service for existing systems, concrete repair, and remediation of jobs gone badly. If you’re not sure and need expert advice Tangent Building Systems is your qualified outfit.