• Client: City of Ottawa

Truly a tall order, we were requested to rehabilitate the historically designated Glebe Community Center. The restraints were enormous, none of the existing precast structure at the main entrance would be replaced rather it was to be cleaned of all loose debris and using an advanced technology correct the eroded portions of the building making them look like the original build. It was challenging to age new work in order to make it match the existing without adding a coating to the entire surface of the structure. Once complete it was near impossible to identify where the work was done, and the transition from old to new was seamless.

Other areas where the precast did have to come out the window headers and be replaced with an exact replica but in light weight was right up our alley. We took the existing profiles of the headers and precast around the window and had our team CNC the exact piece to fit where the precast had originally sat on top of the window. It was coated and textured to complement the existing jams and sills which remained in place. Truly a work of art, considered one of our jewels and another successful historical restoration.

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