There is not much that can compete with the comfort one attains from their own home or family environment. We don’t claim to compete with the comfort of one’s home or family because we know reality tells us otherwise. We do however; believe that we provide a feeling of belonging, cohesion, and fulfillment. At Tangent Building Systems rarely will you hear someone say “I”, everything we do is team based. You may find people working on individual tasks but that is the result of the team allocating responsibilities to other team members for the larger goal.

We consider ourselves visionaries; we encourage our team members to be creative and innovative in their approach to solution. We recognize and reward our people for their contributions they make, as a team we grown and experience together sharing the valuable knowledge we collectively have with each others. Sure not everyone is alike and some have hidden talents which have to be nurtured we understand this. Our teams are capable of identifying the weakest link in the chain and work to strengthen the link or address it in a professional manner to rectify it. Nobody is perfect but if you are dedicated, ambitious and team oriented we just might be the people you have been looking to work with. Visit our job section below and provide us with information on your skills and how you can contribute to our growth and strengthening of our team based company.

Our Fabric

Diversity is our cultural fabric; we abide by the fundamental right of humans as defined by the United Nations. We do not discriminate and have zero tolerance to discrimination in any form. We encourage cultural integration in our company we are not a melting pot but rather a mosaic company accepting all humans for what they are while maintaining our company objective and goals. We assess our employees and potential employees on their merit and skills only. Where the law allows us we do not discriminate on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, creed or colour. We provide a harassment free environment where if there is a violation we take it very seriously and act accordingly. By allowing this freedom of being we believe that we encourage growth, creativity and a solid foundation to build on. It is to our advantage to have a diverse culture in our company, we work with many clients domestically and internationally and it only seems fit to have in our resources people of different backgrounds.

If you are a team player and have the credentials and merit you are qualified to work with Tangent Building Systems and participate in our growth and benefits.


We are human, people we work with are human, and we believe that everyone is entitled to better their lives. At Tangent Building Systems we share that vision, our employees are important to us, their health and lively hood are key to keeping us successful and them healthy.We offer benefits to our employees in the form of health insurance, counseling, and recognition of their achievements in innovations or inventions. The healthier and stronger our work force is the stronger we are. We have corporate culture; we try to encourage interaction of all our employees regardless of their locations. Tangent Building Systems holds team building exercises where we throw together teams and have them work on hypothetical problems using the people and resources we provide in order to learn and teach each other’s their skills and know how. This is all about giving back; we expand the capacity of our employees’ skill sets and to what we can offer to our clients. Knowledge is power; we want to empower our workers. We want to teach our workers how to harness the power in a positive way to benefit all involved.


We are constantly in search of improving ourselves in all capacities. Do you think you have the skill set and capability to work in teams? Send us your resume for us to review. You will receive confirmation that we have received your resume shortly after submission. If you don’t hear back from us it does not mean you do not fit the criteria of a potential position but rather your resume has been placed in our database for future reference. You can follow up with our Human Resource department for further inquiries.

Students and Graduates

Are you working towards a degree or diploma, have you graduated and looking for work? Are the jobs you are applying for requiring a minimum amount of work experience, which you don’t have? Or are you in between degrees or semesters and want to participate in a mentoring program or co-op?

Tangent Building Systems believes you are the future, we offer such opportunities for students and graduates. Send us your resume along with a lead letter indicating in the subject line you are a student or new graduate and explain why you want to work with us and what would be our common benefits.

In most cases we understand you don’t have experience in the practical field, perhaps some theoretical knowledge from the time you spent educating yourself. We can work with that! Our spaces are limited so we encourage you to act quickly before all the post we have allocated to the entry level are full.

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