Two groups are core to our morality, our clients, and our employees. Our virtues extend from upper management to field operators; we believe that our culture throughout our entire organization should reflect transparency, and responsibility. Everyone who works for us or with us is a direct representation of who we are through their deeds and work. This is something we recognize, we want our clients to feel that our team model works not only in project execution but that it also extends into our everyday environment and corporate culture demonstrated in our labour and thoughts. We provide a comfortable climate for in-house intellectual property growth, know-how and performance. We recognize our employees for their daily work first, but we also nourish and encourage innovations and new methodologies offering rewards when advancements are made. Tangent Building Systems is all about employees, we would not be where we are today if we did not have a dedicated team who work with dignity and pride.

Our clients are important to us; they are why we do what we do. We get the most satisfaction fulfilling their dreams and concepts. Our clients know that there are not many things which limit what we can do; typically there are two main obstacles for our clients, budget and design. Budget is a reality for all; it is a main factor in making the project feasible. Capital, an important resource in the project process, we try to work with a client’s budget once they have set the parameters. There is also a direct relationship to the design or concept, not all designs work, and if they do they are not always efficient. We try to take the two restrictions, budget and design and work towards equilibrium to at least meet if not exceed the client’s expectations.