Architectural & Design

Architecture and design was an area where we did not foresee our involvement when Tangent Building Systems was first founded. We relied on the design professional to provide the ascetics involved in the projects, and we would make the desired look a physical reality.

As time progressed we quickly learned that the design community was not all up to date on some of the advanced systems we use, this led to some critical design flaws which had a direct affect on the performance of the systems. We found ourselves providing consultations to Architects in advance of the work actually taking place. This eventually evolved to the service we now provide using some of the same architects who we consulted on the wall claddings providing efficient and workable designs for our clients.

Although our specialty in design is the building envelope our professionals in architecture and design typically encompass the entire design process and are not limited to the building envelope. However, as designated building envelope specialists we take great care in the selection and the design of that particular component.

Of course there are some limitations, not all designs work with all systems and vice-versa. We can always design based on a system or use a system and design around it whatever the requirement we use the proper selection criteria in all of our design processes. In terms of other limitations, really that goes back to budget we can create any ascetical requirement from Hollywood sets, Amusement park themes to a replicated jungle in your own home or building.

Our access to polymer-modified concrete and the flexibility of expanded polystyrene Tangent Building Systems one limitation is the limit of your own creativity when it comes to custom themes, if it is a 12 meter Tyrannosaurus Rex in the front of your building you seek or a simulation of the inside of the Pyramids, anything and everything is possible!