Most of the construction products and systems we use have a fundamental component of cement which eventually becomes a concrete finish or concrete structure. Our experience with concrete, how it works, its advantages and disadvantages allow us to maximize its potential. We like to start from the ground up; almost everything has a concrete variable in the construction process we just try to integrate them in the most efficient way.

The concrete structures we form usually end up with one of the coatings we use or are cladded in a system we install. Concrete forming was inevitable since all our work is concrete related. We began to form concrete structures after introducing Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) to our line of services. ICF bridged the gap between our insulated wall systems and concrete forming.

Insulated Concrete Forms - ICF

ICF is an insulated concrete form used in the construction of concrete structures typically low rise buildings and houses. The outer shell of ICF is expanded polystyrene with a density higher than that of the expanded polystyrene used in conventional EIFS. With that in mind, the expanded polystyrene is still compatible with the modified concrete used in insulated wall applications and is applicable for use in ICF.

Instead of using the standard metal or aluminum forms or even the wood forms historically used in concrete forming. Insulated concrete forms are not removed after the concrete is poured and remain in place to act as super insulating wall compilation. It is possible to remove the expanded polystyrene after the wall has been formed and set but that ultimately removes the need for the insulated form in the first place.

There are a number of ICF systems available, we like to work with our client to select the best system for the particular application they will be using it for. Some ICF systems work better with hybrid construction where the foundation of the structure is ICF and the remainder is light weight construction or standard stick construction. In some cases hollow core concrete floors integrate better with certain ICF systems, most depend on the requirements and the desired outcome before the selection process is completed.

Engineered - Structural

Our competent teams of form workers have detailed experience in non-insulated structures as well. From footings and foundations for structural purposes to pre-stressed and post tensioning construction for advanced civil and engineered structures.

We have access to the best Engineers in civil and the temporary structure arena for civil applications. We also work with the best Engineers in the Canadian construction industry when it comes to standards and material testing. We share this expertise with our clients providing them with the best knowledge in the industry whether in the lab and on the ground.

If there is concrete involved, get us involved!