Our History

Located in the heart of the national capital of Canada, Tangent Building Systems was incepted out of the need to offer technical know-how and assembly of exterior Insulated wall systems more commonly referred to as EIFS or Exterior Insulation Finish Systems. The concept of Tangent Building Systems was first envisioned in the early 1990’s when founder and CEO Gus Awada worked on the assembly of wall systems during the summers while attending university to subsidize his education. Quickly, he raised his profile in the industry while at the same time maintained his commitment to education.

During the mid-1990’s he found himself in participation with the National Research Council of Canada as an independent facilitating the assemblies of wall systems for evaluation by the Canadian Construction Material Center a branch of the National Research Council of Canada whose basic purpose is to evaluate construction materials and science for the Canadian marketplace. Such was the time when the industry’s face-sealed systems time had expired introducing EIFS dual barrier, drainage mechanisms, and liquid applied membranes. A time of inspiring moments gaining exposure to the transition of wall system technologies, and including world class industry team of EIFS icons such as Fadi Nabhan, of the Canadian Construction Material Center (NRC), John Edgar, Chief technical representative of Sto-corp and many others.

The turn of the century brought with it new insight to wall systems and envelope technologies. The potential of wall system technologies and their possible uses and designs made the founding of Tangent Building Systems a close reality. Upon completion of a post-graduate program focusing on team dynamics and leadership; founder Gus Awada shortly thereafter founded Tangent Building Systems Inc. in May of 2002 at the age of 28. We are a responsible company who take pride in what we do; we are proud members of the Canadian Construction Association (CCA), in and part with The Ottawa Construction Association (OCA) since 2003, including membership in the EIFS Council of Canada ECC since 2004 and The Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses CFIB.

Today, through the process of innovations and ‘teach-backs’ we have evolved into envelope specialists, with a knack for water management principles associated to wall assemblies, and well versed with current concrete technologies. The years have shown us much, in terms of the direction the engineering and environmental world are taking us. Efficiency and innovations lead our way, most of our work today is still wall systems but we have put our efforts towards the advanced technology systems. Pressure Equalized EIFS, Insulated Concrete Forms, Prefabricated-Walls, Built in Place Wall Systems, and Structural Concrete Insulated Wall Systems. We are constantly adapting, innovation and fulfilling needs of our clients. Regardless, of what direction we take and what sciences we work with our historical record will continue to show our commitment to excellence in the construction world and to all of our valued clients.