Tangent's Mark

Our vision is to provide professional help both practically and theoretically to our clients. We stand at the leading edge of thermal insulated wall systems, modified-concrete and concrete applications. We have a sense of responsibility to share our expertise with leading and innovative entities providing them with “excellence”, a by-product of our search for perfection.

Recognized and respected, Tangent Building Systems takes pride in it capabilities on the field and in the lab. A talented team of dynamic individuals our staff provides various clients with innovative and practical solutions.

A structured and team oriented Tangent Building Systems has the ability to be fluid working in the harshest and demanding environments. Integrating and interacting with large teams and tight schedules is our asset. Our success is measurable through the market acknowledgement of our achievements and skillfulness

As a Small-Medium Enterprise we find our advantage in our lean structure using our ability to incubate teams for operational objectives. With a core staff of management, technicians, our own field staff, along with our trained teams we can fulfill numerous projects, the more complex and challenging the more interest we have.