Like any business our model is based on sustainable growth, but we refuse to grow at the expense of our environment and the planet which hosts us. We try to use products and methods that affect the environment in the least. Our objective is to leave a minimum carbon footprint, our coating division is mandated to use water based emulsions and only where there is no alternative do we use non-water based products.

We are not oblivious to the fact that we use concrete and that the process of creating cement the main ingredient in concrete that there is a direct effect on the environment although dwarfed by other industries it still has a role to play in pollutants in the environment. The energy required creating the core product of cement uses fossil fuels, we don’t make cement and those who do are typically multi-nationals and a small group of corporations globally. What we do understand is that our choice of using concrete products means we have a responsibility to minimize all products which contribute to pollution and the demise of our host. This brings us full circle to why we work with the systems we do.

The majority of the systems we use are of the highest quality in terms of efficiency and formulation. The work we promote is truly for the benefit of mankind and the environment, because we use insulated concrete wall systems, and insulated concrete structures we know that these systems and methods reduce the overall use of fossil fuels and truly minimize the potential carbon footprint. As for the concrete structures we know that concrete outlast most if not all materials used for structural construction, we also promote the use of recycled concrete for aggregate in new concrete construction, and internal curing technologies which minimize the amount of water needed for hydration of concrete.

We are an innovative company which will always seek new technologies which promote sustainability and integrate them into our business model. We were founded on innovation and like planet earth our existence is tied to our ability be sustainable using innovative construction technologies.