We always give back. We are very selective of the organizations we support, not because we think most charitable organizations are not noble, to the contrary most are extremely noble but rather because we have a fixed allocated budget to charitable causes and we simply cannot support them all.

Children are our future, and most of our charity goes to children organizations which help the underprivileged, abused, sick, or children events. We’ve made a conscience decision to maintain children as the main group to which we provide funds to; after all they will be inheriting what our generation has left them, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like much. We have taken it upon ourselves to help strengthen children in order to put them into a better position when dealing with the changing world they will inherit.

Aid organizations seeking help in logistics and rebuilding can also look to us for support as we have the capacity to mobile a large number of resources almost anywhere in the world. We are always ready to do our part, individually or collectively.