General Construction

Everything we offer a Tangent Building Systems is offered with great consideration and care. We have the human resources and affiliates to offer solutions to the most complex scenarios one can imagine. If it is an engineering anomaly or an ascetic necessity we have the people in house and a vast resource of specialists in various fields.

We don’t claim to know everything, but what we do claim is the ability to put the right team together for any project regardless the scope or size. As a team based company our basic model insists that our structure be robust and expandable, think of us like the characteristics of water. Easily flowing and filling in all the voids ensuring a full functioning team meeting the full requirements of the project.

You will find us on projects like high rise buildings working amongst hundreds if not thousands of people in an organized and meticulous manner fully organized and coordinating with other teams to meet the projects objectives. You’ll also find us at your neighbors’ house performing an inspection, or with a team of engineers planning for up and coming projects. Regardless of the environment, we are typically there from concept to creation delivering our services with the highest expectations.