There are many individuals, professionals and entities that deserve recognition for their contribution to the advancements of our industry and we would like to recognize this fact before identifying our own achievements. To all the men and women who are committed to bringing excellence in the construction industry, displaying responsibility and accountability we acknowledge your determination and hard work and thank you for your ethical stance on making the world a better place.

Yes, we are known for our technical superiority of wall systems, and we take pride in it. We offer only the best support for our clients in planning, design, and execution. But one of the most important things we offer is education or knowledge to empower people when it comes to the right decision. Proliferation of knowledge is a duty to help better inform designers, architects, engineers and the general public.

We are often requested to participate in public and private forums delivering speeches and information for the general community. Often we are requested to talk about our industry to design professionals and specification writers providing insight to the sciences and technologies.

The privilege of representing our industry by acting as elected board member on the EIFS Council of Canada’s board of Directors, term 2007-2008 was an important moment in our existence and that of the industry as one of the wall sciences we specialize in was transforming. The board and committees worked on developing a quality assurance program for the betterment of the insulated wall cladding industry in Canada. It was a pleasure to be part and parcel to the development of the program; we continue to benefit from our involvement and its impact.

In 2010 we were certified by the Canadian Construction Association’s GOLD SEAL accreditation program in concrete technologies gaining further insight to some of the more advanced work related thermal protected concrete structures, proprietary systems and the advancements of concrete admixtures including modified concrete elements.