We are not limited to Canada or the United States, the results of globalization and advancements in communication technology has made the world a very small place. We have studied and experimented with international markets and have had a positive response.

We have a vast network of international teams ready to mobilize in almost every continent; our main teams or as we like to call it ‘Cerebral cortex’ is situated at our world head quarters in Canada. We are not limited to North America we also offer our services in East Asia, Africa, and the Middle-East these areas are encompassed in our operational capacity allowing us to easily mobilize teams in these areas for project execution.

Our ability to mobilize engineers, managers, skilled labour and equipment around the world has given us the competitive advantage in the global market place. Our network of contacts and government agencies facilitating our work has driven our ability to offer our expertise worldwide.

Our North American expertise and innovations is in high demand and we are proud to offer it to developing nations. It is almost a duty to share advancements in technologies that benefit humankind in a feasible manner. We seek to work internationally because we have a vision of a just world where everyone has access to technologies which will better their lives and nation.

Where we work